Final Products:


Our weekly project this time was to work more on our animation skills, the task described that we were going to use a complete faceless character rig for our animation. The animation should be of the character entering and leaving a scene and get over an obstacle in between. I used the Ultimate Bony rig found online since that is the rig I’m most used to animating and it is also faceless.

I started this assignment by making a time schedule and a todo list as always. Then in the idea/research process I clipped a part of a reference video that other people in my class had filmed. I also draw a short thumbnail over my animation.

After I was certain how my animation should be, I then opened Maya and started blocking out the entire animation (found in video below). When I was happy with my key shot animation I went ahead and put in the inbetween frames to finalize my animation.

The animation I ended up was not perfect, I intend to go back and work more on this weekly project later on before the portfolio.The issues that I have with this animation was that the time my character goes back after jumping on the bench felt a bit slower than when he jumped over it the first time.


Animation blockout:

Scene setup:


Todo list:

1. Find a video that suits my needs
2. Draw a thumbnail
3. Find a rig
4. Setup the scene
5. Block out animation
6. Fine tune animation
7. Playblast animation
8. Gather files and deliver

Note to self (regarding animation Length):

24 frames per second
200 frames
8.33 seconds

Time schedule:

Tuesday and Thursday (04.19.2016 and 04.21.2016):

  • Research and planning – 2 hours
  • Observational drawings – 15 minutes
  • Block out animation – 3 hours

Friday (04.22.2016):

  • Fine tune and finalize animation – 4 hours
  • Lighting and scene setup – 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Render and gather the images for delivery – 1 hour
  • Report and blog – 1 hour

Research and planning:

Animation thumbnail:


Observational Drawings:

Sketch people. Preferably doing similar tasks as the action you are to animate