Final Product:


This weeks weekly assignment revolved around facial animation as opposite to body animation from last week.

I started this project by choosing what I wanted to animate, I ended up with the second option which is: Character using a tv remote. Something in the scene suggests they are waiting for an important football game or show. Something on tv makes then change their mood, they try change the channel, and they either find what they are looking for or it goes wrong and they get angry or disappointed. Later on I filmed my mother acting out the performance, she did a really good job and the video was a very handy tool for me developing the animation. I draw a short thumbnail as an extra part of my planning and research process.

I ended up with an animation I was a bit happy with, I could have made it less static and more expressive. I got some feedback from my teacher with stuff to change but did not have time to fine tune and fix my animation according to the feedback I got.


Timing notes:

Switching between channels
0-72 (72)
Something bad happens on the tv
72-168 (96)
Changes to a better channel
168-216 (48)
Switched to a good channel
216-264 (48)

Time schedule:

Tuesday and Thursday (05.03.2016 and 05.04.2016):

  • Research and planning – 2 hours
  • Observational drawings – 15 minutes
  • Block out animation – 3 hours

Friday (06.05.2016):

  • Fine tune and finalize animation – 4 hours
  • Lighting and scene setup – 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Render and gather the images for delivery – 1 hour
  • Report and blog – 1 hour

Todo list:

1. Film animation reference
2. Draw thumbnail
3. Find a suitable rig

4. Animate body animation
5. Aninate face animation

Research and planning:

Video animation reference:

Drawn thumbnail:


Observational Drawings:

Do quick sketches of people, pay attention to their actions, postures and emotional states.