Final products:


I started working a bit more on coloring and texturing (for later assignments):





Work in progress:

This weeks focus was to model a animation ready low poly version of our character we sculpted in CC02. My tool of choise for this process was Maya as it is the software I’m most experienced with. While making my lowres character I had good topology in mind throughout the whole process, reason for this was to make sure it would be easy to rig and later animate.

I had an issue with rendering out my wireframe while my model was smoothed. Otherwise I think this weekly assignment went pretty smooth.

Time schedule:

Tuesday and Thursday (03.29.2016 and 03.31.2016):

  • Research and planning – 1 hour
  • Model the lowpoly character – 6 hours

Friday (04.01.2016):

  • Finish the modeled character – 3 hous
  • Render and gather the images for delivery – 30minutes
  • Observational drawings – 15 minutes
  • Report and blog – 1 hour


Research and planning:


Observational Drawings:

Sketches and drawings of characters paying attention to general anatomy.