Final products:

Front view:

Three-quarter view:

Side view:FP03.pngside.jpg

Experiment with different materials as suggested by teacher:



The weekly assignment for this week required us to pose and render out our character that we’ve made in earlier weekly assignments. I decided to start this week by baking normal maps from my highres character onto my lowres character. This process went pretty smooth, I used a mix between CrazyBump and xNormal in order to achieve the result I wanted. After adding these details to my character I decided to make an enviornment that I felt fit to the story and theme of my character. I made an island with some palmtrees and water on the area around my islands. I made my own textures for these that I stored inside the same texture sheet as my character to keep things together. Later on I made a thumbnail over where my joints should be that I later on used as a reference when I added the bones to my pirate. After adding the bone joints and naming them properly I skinned them to the pirate mesh and in the end I used the paint skin weight tool to make the mesh deform better.

All in all, this weekly assignment was fun, it’s always nice to see things coming together. This assignment was a bit short but not in a bad way, looking forward to animating my character in later assignments.


Example to show normal map:


More normal map fine details:


Normal map:


Texture sheet:


Start of rigging process (bone joints only):


Final Joints and pose:


Time schedule:

Tuesday and Thursday (04.12.2016 and 04.14.2016):

  • Research and planning – 1 hour
  • Do the normal map baking from last week – 3 hours
  • Clean up workfiles and materials, combine all textures into one sheet inside Maya project.
  • Add joints for Rig and name them – 30 minutes

Friday (04.08.2016):

  • Finalize rig – 2 hours
  • Pose character – 1 hour
  • Lighting and scene setup 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Render and gather the images for delivery – 1 hour
  • Observational drawings – 15 minutes
  • Report and blog – 1 hour


Research and planning:

Character rig concept:



Observational Drawings:

Sketches and drawings of characters paying attention to general anatomy.