Final products:




Pirate in enviornment:



This week we had to texture our character that we’ve made in earlier assignments. Some criterias were that we should avoid using procedrual or pure colors. I started this weekly assignment by unwrapping my model in Maya, I made heavy use of texture projections like cylindrical and planar projection, then after getting the basic shape I used Smooth tool in order to unfold and relax the UVs. In the end I combined the body, jacket and hat into one UV set.

Since I ran out of time I ended up skipping baking of normal map, I will do this next week so it’s ready for the portfolio.

Time schedule:

Tuesday and Thursday (04.05.2016 and 04.07.2016):

  • Research and planning – 1 hour
  • Unwrap the character – 6 hours

Friday (04.08.2016):

  • Texture character – 3 hous
  • Render and gather the images for delivery – 30minutes
  • Observational drawings – 15 minutes
  • Report and blog – 1 hour


Research and planning:



Observational Drawings:

Sketches and drawings of characters paying attention to general anatomy.

20160404_085725 (1).jpg2016-04-04_CC4_Andreas-Nordboe_DR01.jpg2016-04-04_CC4_Andreas-Nordboe_DR02.jpg