Final products:


I have started modeling my pirate character a bit in Maya:



This week was all about finalizing our character in 2D before we start modeling it in a 3D software. The assignment stated

I started this week by completing the daily tasks, then I jumped to the main weekly assignment which was to first create a fully shaded/colored 3/4 pose of my pirate character. This was simple enough since I already knew how my character was going to look like with colors. I tried to keep attention to my characters personality and attributes when I did the colored posed version. I wanted him to look fearless, proud and hungry for power and riches. My character template helped me in order to get these details into the fully shaded model.

Afterwards I created a T-pose of my pirate in front, side and back view, I made these with line drawings only as the assignment requested. Lastly I combined these side-by-side in one image for easy access.

I feel ready to fully realize my character in 3D, the character is simple enough with some attention to details. I got a bit of an headstart since I have already started modeling my pirate in Maya. All in all this has been a blast since I love creating characters.

I used helplines in Illustrator to help me shape the side view of my character:


Time schedule:

Tuesday and Thursday (03.01.2016 and 03.03.2016):

  • Research and planning – 1 hour
  • Create a character template – 15 minutes
  • Research and get inspiration from different existing characters – 15 minutes
  • Experiment with different details, clothing, colors, tones and props – 2 hours

Friday (03.04.2016):

  • Finalizing the final character – 2 hours
  • Observational drawings – 15 minutes
  • Report and blog – 1 hour

Research and planning:




Observational Drawings – Daily tasks from day 2 and 5:


Daily Tasks:

Day 1:

( Break out of the silhouettes and explore different clothing, props and hair styles for several of your best character designs.)


Day 2:

(Take three of your best characters and for each of them draw the final line concepts of three iconic poses each.)


Day 3:

(Explore your twelve characters’ different emotive states e.g. happy, sad, angry, frightened etc.)



Day 4:

(Fill in one final line drawing from each character into either color or greyscale)


Day 5:

(Do a T-pose rotation of one of your own characters (line drawing only))