Final Products:

Game idea #1:


Game idea #2:


Research and planning:

10 rough game ideas:

  • 360° rotating platformer with cute cartoonish style, collectables, moving platforms, enemies and helpers. The point is to get through levels and gain score. Hidden objectives for replayability.
  • Dark gritty cartoonish roguelike beat ‘em up where character moves from left to right between different rooms. Bosses and enemies can spawn randomly. Player can pick up items and power ups to make the player mutate and get powerful abilities.
  • Space arcade game where as skeleton is rotating around a planet in order to collide with meteors so they do not hit the planet. Mobile game where you touch the left and right part of the screen in order to move the skeleton.
  • An arcade game where the main character is a bit chubby loves chocolate but hates money and sardines. It’s the players job to feed the character with Chocolate and throw away the money and sardines as they appear on the table in front of him. Gains points for each thing the player does correct. Countdown timer for hunger.
  • Arcade game with a backstory where a king wants a character named fatty to be on top of his new castle tower. The player has to control fatty so he does not collide with birds and scaffolds as he gets dragged up the tower by a rope.
  • Apple catching mobile arcade game with a cute pixel (2d) or voxel (3d) art where apples fall from a tree and player catch them by moving the basket.
  • Cute and cartoonish endless scrolling surfer mobile game where you can collect donuts to unlock different characters, costumes and surfboards. The player controls the surfer by tapping and holding the screen in order to go up and release to go down. Player also has to avoid enemies (sharks, fish, birds etc.) and not fall into the water.
  • Endless scrolling skating game where the player can choose between four lanes on the screen, cars can appear randomly between these four. The players task is to get as far as possible without crashing into a car, collect points, buy power ups, upgrades and cosmetics.
  • Dog horror VR simulator, a dog wakes up in the middle of the forest with amnesia, goal is to get the dog home.
  • Multiplayer bird arena game with different bird types (fast, fat, slow, smart, stealthy et.c) fighting in a large nest.

Time schedule:

Tuesday (09.06.2016):

Getting introduced to the project in classroom – 3 hours


Wednesday (09.07.2016):

Start by setting up the blog and time schedule – 30 minutes

Start planning/research – 1 hour and 30 minutes

Come up with 10 rough game ideas – 30 minutes


Thursday (09.08.2016):

Write the 1-sheets – 4 hours


Friday (09.09.2016):

Gather final files and write report – 3 hours


The goal on this first module of concept development was to first come up with 10 rough game concept ideas and then further develop two of them using a 1-sheet included in this assignment. We were free to explore any genre, but not make the game too complex, getting inspiration from other games is acceptable but we should add our own twist.
I used simple brainstorming in order to come up with 10 rough ideas, most of them were simple arcade mobile games with a short story. I ended up with two concepts that I felt was easy to talk about, that I developed further.
First one, Castle Crawler, a dark and gritty game with beat ‘em up mixed with roguelike genre with a cartoonish look, heavily inspired by the indie game The Binding of Isaac by Edmund McMillen. I made a short story about this game, it goes as follows: A little monster called sneezy got bullied and locked himself in top of a castle tower, after staying there a while he decided to return to the real world. As he had spent years on top of the tower monsters had infiltrated the lower floors which made it a challenge for Sneezy to escape the tower.
The second one, a bright, colourful 360-degree platformer, named Twisted Space Adventures, inspired by Mario games, especially Super Mario Galaxy. I decided to go for this concept because I love platformer and though the 360-degree physics idea could be fun to further develop on.
I’ve chosen to use the included 1-sheet template that I edited in Adobe Photoshop, this template was very handy to use. It was also very easy to edit and made it easier to get stuff down on paper. I started writing long sentences but had to go back and make them shorter and add bullet points for more simplicity and readability.
The artwork I’ve created is a huge help to get a general theme and look of the game and should be an important selling point. I think the 1-sheet would be lacking if I did not display artwork. When presenting this assignment for the class the artwork could help the listeners understand the game concept better.
All in all, I think this assignment was pretty easy and fun as well and I hope that I will be able to fully create some of these concepts one day. All the concept artwork is made entirely by me in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Software used:

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Microsoft Office Word