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Game Design Document:

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For this weekly assignment module our focus was to design a prototype for a small simple game using the Unreal Engine 4. A requirement for this project was to make sure it’s learning the player something useful therefore it being an educational game.

This assignment should further have introduced us to the process of creating gameplay/mechanics and implementing it into visual scripting language, Blueprint. Another part of this module was to create a HUD based on the gameplay type and make a simple menu system, make a gameplay video and in the end present the assignment to the class.

In the start of this assignment I decided to make a game where a user gets displayed a highlighted path in the start of a level in a grid style board and he then has to remember that path by walking on these tiles in the correct order. After making a level with this concept I decided to learn the player math along the way to make it more educational, so I added calculations to the highlighted tiles. I also divided this concept into 5 levels with different categories (add, subtract, multiply, divide and mixed). As the player walks along the tiles he highlights numbers that adds up to a calculation and when he gets to the end he has a choice of three different answers, one which is correct. Stepping on the correct number ends the level with victory and the player could move onto the next level (if I added more). Stepping on the wrong number makes the player have to do the level all over again. When landing onto the Equal (=) sign tile the whole math calculation for that level is displayed on the upper part of the HUD.

For this module assignment I got to dive deeper into Blueprints and Unreal Engine 4, I got further use my previous knowledge with programming making it useful in a visual scripting style. I decided to do a take on the extra challenges for this project which was to create an intermediate menu system, however I did not make a system that saves player progress. If I were to go back and change something about my game it would be to add more levels with a progress system, since this is just a prototype I decided to make 5 simple levels to showcase the idea behind the game.

Time schedule:

Academic Week 7:

Tuesday (10.04.2016):

Getting introduced to the project in classroom – 4 hours


Wednesday (10.05.2016):

Start by setting up the blog and time schedule – 30 minutes

Do some of the daily tasks and watch course videos – 1 hour

Start planning/research – 1 hour and 30 minutes


Thursday (10.06.2016):

Start blocking out the level – 4 hours


Friday (10.07.2016):

Work on blueprint for objectives items and hud – 2 hours

Make a timer blueprint/hud – 2 hours

Academic Week 8:

Tuesday (10.11.2016):

Classroom lecture – 4 hours


Wednesday (10.12.2016):

Setup win, lose(restart), results and main menus – 3 hours


Thursday (10.13.2016):

Finalize stuff, make a flythrough and work on presentation – 4 hours


Friday (10.14.2016):

Finalize finished product – 1 hour and 30 minutes

Document describing gameplay, mechanics, user interface, and level layout – 1 hour and 30 minutes

Gather final files and write report – 1 hours


Software used:

Adobe Photoshop
Unreal Engine 4
Microsoft Office Word