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This weekly assignment our focus was to learn how to use the Unreal Tournament Editor, leading up to using Unreal Engine. To get familiar with this software our task was to make a functional level design. To start off this process we had to start on basic research planning, including making a story, goal of the game, design a top-down layout and use BSP and primitives to design a concept before set dressing the level using already made assets. Some other requirements for this assignment was to make a flythrough and take four screenshots displaying the best parts of the level. In the end we were also required to hold a presentation for the class.


A lot of my inspiration came from two fairy tales; Red Riding Hood and Alice. I wanted a mix between these. The mushroom concept came from Alice in Wonderland and the level design revolved around the Little Red Riding Hood, where the start is Red’s house and the end house is Riding hoods grandmother.


Time schedule:

Wednesday (08.24.2016):

  • Getting introduced to the project – 1 hour
  • Start by setting up the blog and time schedule – 30 minutes
  • Start planning/research – 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Watch video tutorials on the Unreal Tournament Editor – 1 hour

Thursday (08.25.2016):

  • Contiune planning/research – 3 hours

Friday  (08.26.2016):

  • Start by blocking out enviornment in Unreal Torunaament – 4 hours


Monday (08.29.2016):

  • Watch level design/unreal courses – 3 hours

Wednesday (08.31.2016):

  • Setdressing the level – 3 hours

Thursday (09.01.2016):

  • Finalize level setdress – 2 hours
  • Take four screenshots and make a flyt through – 2

Friday  (09.02.2016):

  • Gather files for delivery 1 hour
  • Write a report and update blog – 2 hours
  • Work on mushroom pickup and counter – 2 hours



The way I started this assignment was to first make a time schedule over how many hours I’ve decided to use for that certain part of this project. Later on I wrote a short story and goal of the game, then I designed a top-down layout of my level in Adobe Illustrator. I started with a more advanced level layout including lava, lily pads, water, suspension bridge and so on. I had to go back and simplify this first level layout since it was a bit too advanced and required assets I did not have, like lava. When designing the illustrated layout, I had the story in the back of my head the whole time. After all the planning was set in stone I went into Unreal Tournament Editor (as a required software of this assignment) and used BSP and primitives (boxes) to block out my environment. This gave me a sense of scale and where to put assets later on. I have included images of the whiteboxed level in this assignment. I also used the landscape editor to sculpt the landscape in my level. When I was happy with how my blocked out level looked I started to replace my “boxes” with trees, rocks, fences and so on. I found an asset pack that fit my theme that I’ve got a personal license to use in non-commercial work. I used principles of level design like repetition, modular design, different scale and rotations. After setdressing the level, I filled the landscape with a grass-like texture and also used the material editor to add two layers of textures to the landscape, a grass layer and a rock like texture for the path. In the end I added some basic lighting and atmospheric height fog to add a bit mood to my environment.

Story and goal of the game:

Little Red Riding Hood, wants to deliver mushrooms to her grandmother but she is told to not stray off the path leading up to her grandmother’s house since the wolf lurks in the forest. She eventually gathers enough mushrooms and deliver them to her grandmother, unfortunately the mushrooms are poisonous and granny ends up dead.

  • Find hidden mushrooms in the forest
  • Do not go too far off the path
  • Wolf can get you if you stay off the path for too long
  • There will be a timer that counts down the longer you are off the path
  • Player can find mushrooms in hard to get places
  • The mushrooms red riding hood gathers are poisonous
  • When red delivers mushrooms to granny, she dies and the game ends
  • If red eats the mushrooms something bad happens

Top-down concept:

(Done in Adobe Illustrator)


(Old scrapped concept)


Whitebox BSP:

(Large columns are usually trees, gray boxes are mushrooms to collect)


Work in progress of the final level:





Summary and self evaluation:

This was a pretty fun and educational assignment, I learned lots of new stuff like how to use the Unreal Tournament editor, using the landscape and painting tool and so on.

The most fun part of this project was to finally decorating the level with pre made assets after spending some time planning how my level was supposed to look and then looking at the final result.


I used a 3D model set package and textures from 3DOcean, I have personal license to use these in this project.

Software used:

Unreal Tournament Editor

Adobe Illustrator (level layout design)

Handbrake (compress video size)

Microsoft Word (report and notes)